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Quick Setup

Start inducting in moments

  • Request Covid 19 declarations
  • Automate workflows
  • Training and Induct unlimited users
  • Upload your own Powerpoint inductions 
  • Create new courses or edit pre-built induction samples 
  • Invite other admins and so much more

Easy to use

Become an expert in a day
  • You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to manage your account
  • Short videos provide online training to your admins, saving you more time
  • Intuitive dashboard simplifies account and user management
  • Support team is available to tackle any tech request


Make it your own platform

  • Display your logo and business details on portals and ID cards
  • Attach your own messages to induction email invites
  • Integrate your account with other apps you use everyday
  • Track and report non compliant users

Free induction plan

Designed for seasonal businesses

Don’t pay for inductions when you take a break or when you are not hiring

Downgrade to a free plan and we will keep your inductions in archives

Upgrade your plan and restore your account

induct for work and rapid inductions in uk

Fully editable

Create new inductions or upload you own training material including Safety Operating Policies and Procedures

Attach images, videos and voice overs to accompany induction slides

Access and update your inductions 24/7

lms uk

Mobile ready

All induction courses are accessible by smart devices connected to the net

Admin users have capabilities to scan Certificates and ID cards to access inductee information on the spot

Rapid Online Inductions LMS in UK

Tracks records

Auto track all expiration dates, from certificates and insurances to licences and police checks

Create your own documents for auto collection

Generate reports and retrieve information

Step 1 - Start free trial

Free Trial

Step 2 - Create Inductions

Create Inductions

Step 3 - Monitor Progress

Monitor Progress

Online Induction Editor

Upload existing content or create new online induction slides, safety policies and procedures. Attach images, voice recordings, video links and other files to your online induction process. Setup quizzes and pass scores to test knowledge of your inductees.

Certificates and ID cards

Upon successful course completion users receive Certificates or ID cards via emails. Each Certificate of Completion displays user details, QR code, ID number, company details, name of online induction and its expiration date. Design your own ID card function is also available.

Document monitoring system

Set documents to be collected as part of user induction process. Auto collect and track compliance docs such as policies, insurances, licences or any other important documents. Auto reminders will notify users and admins of upcoming expiration dates.

Contractor Sign in & out

Allow your users to sign in and out of your work sites using fixed devices such as Ipads, Iphones and other smart phones and devices. For sign ins to remote locations, QR codes are provided that can be scanned by mobile devices to record user presence at your job location. Notifications are sent to your admin users responsible for the site.

online induction uk
online induction uk

Online training

Learn how to use Induct For Work at your own pace. Online training videos that cover core functions are provided as part of any plan and package.


Automate a sequence of online courses. Create specific learning pathways for users based in their locations. Collect compliance documents as part of induction process.


Integrate Induct For Work to more than 2,000 available apps to further streamline and automate your induction process

Email support

Have any questions contact our friendly team for answers


Assists with meeting safety standards

Simplifies entire induction process

Removes time consuming processes

Improves admin and user experience

Allows admins
to do
other work

With "Induct For Work" You Can

We have been using Induct for Work for several years to induct many new employees, subcontractors and group training apprentices.

The platform is an easy to create your inductions, and easy for inductees to use.

We generally send invitations to own employees via email & subcontractors. The group training business enter the system via a portal on our website.

Very easy.

Stephen SDF Online Inductions


Operations Manager

“By using Induct For Work, our HSE online induction program helps to ensure compliance with WHS requirements. The online induction forms part of company HSE Consultation, Co-operation and Coordination process”​


Sommer & Staff

HSEQ Coordinator

We have been using Induct For Work for almost 2 years to induct staff and contractors across 4 sites nationally.
It’s a user friendly system with the ability to send invites via SMS or email to staff and contractors to complete site inductions.
The reporting functions are also very handy.
Highly recommended to businesses who want an easy to use induction system with good reporting features to track compliance.


LMS online induction software


Development, Safety & Quality Manager

Trusted by Governments, corporations and business across the globe

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Servicing all Industries

  • Education and child care
  • Health and aged care
  • Manufacturing
  • Maintenance
  • Construction
  • Government
  • Recruitment
  • Transport
  • Farming
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online induction uk
Online inductions UK

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