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Certificates of completion

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"What I really enjoyed was the ability to setup my own online induction system without any prior knowledge of how to use Induct For Work."
Paul Stephenson
HR, Buildscape Property Services

Creating Tests

Testing knowledge of your inductees

Setting up Questions

You can insert questions at the end of each slide, between slides or at the end of your induction.

You can force inductees to find correct answers or you can set a Pass Score.

Incorect answers are then reported back to your admin.

Induct For Work Help
online induction Induct For Work Help

Setting Up answers

Your answers are inserted into provided text fields. You may have choose to have multiple correct answers. Answers can be setup below each slide or as it’s own slide.

Once the induction is successfully completed – your Inductees are issued with a Certificate of Completion


Delivered via email or txt

Classic style

Standard across all plans


This style is set as Standard across all plans. It contains: company details, inductee details, QR code, name of completed induction, certificate number, induction and expiration dates.

online induction certificate

ID Card style

Available with “Ultra” and “Ultra +” accounts

This is an ideal style if you prefer to issue ID cards instead of Certificates. ID cards can be single or double sided and they can be customised by our team to your own specific requirements.