Account Reports

Click on Reports first. Now we can see that there are 6 main areas to choose from: Attempted Inductions, Certificate Statuses, Expiring Certificates, Expiring Documents, Documents for Approval and Schedule Status. Let’s look at Attempted Inductions first.

reports online induction uk

We can generate a report for each company that used our induction, for any time-frame, per any site or location and we can also filter our results per induction status such as: successful, incomplete, failed etc.

Each report can be printed using ‘Print’ button or it can be exported into a .zip file.


reports induct for work uk

Now let’s have a look at Certificate Statuses. Go back to ‘Reports’ and click on ‘Certificate Statuses’. This report is normally used to print out or download all certificates issued to our users. 

reports induct for work uk

Next let’s have a look at ‘Expiring Certificates’.

This report allows us to list all user inductions that expire within a chosen time frame and we can also further filter our results per sites and locations.


reporting induct for work uk

‘Expiring Documents’,’Documents for Approval’ and ‘Schedule Status’ work in the same manner.

reports induct for work uk

In our next help page we are going to cover ‘Induction Schedule’. Happy inducting.