How to Cancel an invite

If we have sent our user an induction invite it can be cancelled as long as they have not started it. Even if they finish it we can still revoke their induction. First let me take you  through how cancelling invites work.

Let’s say we need to cancel an invite to ‘Alan McKinnon’. We can see that he has not answered our invite yet. Now let’s click on our user’s name which will take us straight to Alan’s profile

cancelling invites induct for work uk

When we scroll down we can see the invite. Let’s click on ‘Actions’ button and then ‘Cancel’. Now you can see that this invite has been removed. 

Cancelling invites

Now let me show how to Revoke an induction. 

Let’s go back to our Dashboard. 

We can see that Aaron successfully completed his induction. Let’s go to his profile.

help pages cancelling invite

Scroll down to an induction record, click on ‘Actions’ then select ‘Revoke’

online inductions cancelling invite

Now provide the reason for revocation, in our case we are going to type in ‘No longer with the company’ and click ‘Revoke’.

The induction has now been revoked.

cancelling invite induct for work uk

In the next help page we are going to cover how to generate Reports. Happy inducting.