How the system works

Induct For Work is a fully customisable Online Induction system that allows you to create, monitor and run your own online inductions on any devices. It also allows for auto collection and storage of employee compliance documents, multiple access admin levels, report generation and integration with other softwares and apps. To get started you would need to set up the system. You can either do it yourself or if have other things to take care of – we can do it for you (packages are available from only $195 + gst). The system is fully accessible and transparent. You can edit, modify your content and any setting at any time. There are few Steps to follow to set up the system.

Step 1

Set up your company profile. Set up your Company Profile

Step 2

Create your own Online Induction or a number of Inductions. Online Induction Setup

Step 3

Create your Company Policies, if applicable. Skip this step if not applicable. How Online Inductions Work

Step 4

Set up auto collection of your employee’s/contractor’s documents, if applicable. Skip this step if not applicable. Online Inductions Setup

Step 5

Set up an Online Portal (your designated web address), if applicable. A Portal is an entrance for your employees to their inductions. Skip this step if you are intending to invite all your inductees manually. Online Inductions Setup

Step 6

Start inviting your inductees. There are 2 ways to do so.
  1. By sending inductees to your Portal.
  2. By sending manual invites from your Dashboard and direct from your Inductions.
Online Inductions You can monitor your account statistics from your Dashboard. You can also generate reports of all successful inductions and employee compliance documents that are due to expire. Online Inductions Setup Please visit our main help page for more details on individual set ups.
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