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Hiring and Inducting a temp

A temp is a temporary employee, typically an office worker who finds employment through an agency.

If you are hiring a temp through an agency, you should know that:

  • any wages and payments including National Insurance contributions (NICs) and Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) must be directed to the agency and not paid directly to your temp.
  • you must also allow your temp to use any shared facilities at your worksite such as bathrooms, lunch and game rooms etc.
  • after 12 weeks of continuous employment on the same role, your Temp gets the same Terms and Conditions as your full-time employees. And

Let’s talk about the very last point that state You are still responsible for their Health and Safety. That means that as an employer it is your duty to protect health, safety and well being of your temp. You must do whatever is reasonably practicable to achieve this.  You must also assess and effectively control any risks to injury or health that could arise in your workplace. Risk assessments that include all current and potential risks should be carried out.

You must then provide information about all the risks in your workplace to your Temp, instruct and train your Temp (inducting a temp) on how to deal with these risks.

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So what can Induct For Work do for me?

  • Can it assess risks at our workplace? No.
  • Can it guarantee us that there will be no injuries? No.
  • Can it be used to provide information about all the risks at our workplace? Yes
  • Can it be used to instruct and to train our employees and temps? Yes

You can create a number of inductions, sometimes referred to as Courses, upload any information you deem appropriate to your online induction account and then setup Questions and Answers. We would strongly advise you to get a WHS Specialist to go over your induction content to make sure it complies with all your relevant local laws and regulations. As soon as your account is setup – you are ready to start inducting your employees and Temps. There are many features that you can utilise in your induction such as notifications, signature capturing, document collection and many others but we will cover them in the other article.

So what should be covered when inducting a temp?

Below is the list of top 10 things you should consider when creating your online induction.

  1. A brief welcome and your company history, ethics and which department your temp will be working in.
  2. Create them an outline of their duties and your expectations paired with an introduction to their management team and co-workers.
  3. Details about their meal breaks, kitchen location and any local coffee shops.
  4. How to sign in and out when entering and leaving your building/premises.
  5. Your internal policies on smoking, use of internet, private phones and social media, environmental policies. Dress codes and Codes of conduct
  6. List of all passwords they may need to be able to work on their specific tasks.
  7. A run through of any equipment they may need to use to complete their tasks.
  8. Risk assessment that highlights any potential risks present at your site and how these risks must be handled.
  9. How to report a safety breach and how to report an injury.
  10. Locations of
  • all emergency exits
  • first/aid offices and
  • emergency evacuation procedures

You may also need to include some other information in your online induction, depending on your industry and work site conditions.

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