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Additional Features

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Add ons

+ History Log
+ Incident Reporting
+ Text to Voice
+ Additional Portals
+ Docs and Signatures
+ Emergency Broadcast + History Log
Induction Training Help

Introduction to your account

Adding Logo and Managing Settings

Standard, PowerPoint and Scorm files

Creating Induction Training

Working Remotely

History Log

Add ons

Record changes made to your content. Revert to previous versions when required
Only £30 per month.

Managing Induction Course Settings

User Licences and Insurances

Managing Company Policies

Creating and Managing Portals

customer service

Text to Voice

Add ons

Convert text on slides to voiceovers with just few clicks
Only £2.5 per slide.

Activating Portals

Managing User Profiles

Managing Admin Users

How the Invites are sent

Online Inductions and Incident Reporting UK


Admin training

Training sessions for your admins.
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Create Your Own Certificates

How to use Incident Reporting

How to setup Sign In Out

Activating and using Broadcast

Working Remotely

Extra Portals


Activate additional portals

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Generating Reports

Creating Learning Journeys

 Connecting IFW with other apps

Jumping between Admin and Personals Accounts

Working Remotely

Incident Reporting

Add on

Scan QR code to Report workplace Incidents.

Locating Account Invoices

Switching Between Plans

User Licences and Insurances

Updating Portal Contact Details

online induction onboarding

Custom features

Custom Functions

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How to Cancel Invites

Archiving and Restoring Users

How to Reset Password

How to Export Your Data

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