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Compliance reports are vital for organizations to show adherence to regulatory requirements and industry standards. These reports serve as proof of compliance with legal and regulatory frameworks, thereby minimizing the risk of incurring penalties and fines.

Creating a Report

You can generate various reports, such as ‘Attempted Inductions’, ‘Certificate Statuses’, ‘Documents for Approval’, ‘Unanswered Invites’, ‘Expiring Certificates’, ‘Expiring Documents’, ‘Schedule Status’, ‘Wrong Answers’ and ‘Undelivered Messages’.

Let’s look at each Report individually.

Attempted Inductions

Click on ‘Attempted Inductions’ to immediately see various selection fields: Dates, Induction Status, Company Name, Site, Induction Name and Employee Types.

Enter the desired dates and choose ‘Successful’ from the ‘Induction Status’ menu. All records of successful inductions will be displayed immediately. You have the option to ‘Print’ the report or ‘Export’ it in CSV or PDF format.

Additionally, you can refine your report by filtering through ‘Company Name’, ‘Site’, ‘Induction Name’ and ‘Employee Type’.

Certificate Statuses

Now, return to the Reports section and select ‘Certificate Statuses’. This report allows filtering by ‘Sites’ and excludes any records of incomplete inductions or inductions awaiting document approval.

Additionally, there are options to ‘Print’, ‘Export’ and ‘Download All’ certificates.

Documents for approval

This Report will list all documents that await your approval.

Results of this Report can be filtered by user details.

Unaswered Invites

This report lists all users who have been invited to participate in inductions but have yet to begin. It includes ‘Print’ and ‘Export’ options for convenience.

Expiring Certificates and Documents

These reports show all users with certificates and documents that are nearing expiration.

Incomplete Schedule

This report lists all users who have not completed their scheduled induction training. In our next session, we will cover how to utilize the Induction Schedule.

Wrong Answers

This report presents user records that contain incorrect responses to Induction Quizzes.

Undelivered Messages

The latest report shows user records that could not be contacted due to errors in their email addresses.

This brings us to the end of this Training Session.  Please continue to Session #18 to learn how to Schedule Induction Training Courses. Thank you.

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