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This function proves useful when various worker groups are required to undergo a sequence of induction courses tailored to their type of employment. Consider two groups of workers: full-time employees and contractors.

Full-time employees are required to complete three inductions. The first induction must be completed before they commence work, followed by a second induction within a week, and a third induction 30 days after the second.

Contractors, on the other hand, are required to complete three distinct inductions consecutively.

We have 2 options to ensure that all our Full time employees and Contractors complete their inductions:

  • Send them invites and monitor if they finish it. 
  • Setup 2 automated Schedules, one for each employment group where the system will be sending automated invites to your workers. (Recommended option).

For our Full Timers it would work in the format below.


It will be assumed that there are three distinct inductions for each group.

Contractor Schedule

Navigate to “Schedule” and select “Contractors.”

To remove the demo induction from our list, please click on ‘Actions’ followed by ‘Archive’.

After a few seconds, the demo induction will disappear. Now, we can add our first induction that must be completed by our contractors.

Please proceed by clicking on ‘Add Induction’.

Select the first induction from the drop-down menu that contractors must complete. Then, in the time field, choose ‘0 days’ and click ‘Create’.

Select the first Induction from the drop-down menu, which is required to be completed by your contractors. Then, in the time field, choose ‘0 days’ and click on ‘Create’.

Then, repeat the same steps to add the third Contractor Induction.

With the Contractor Schedule now complete, your contractors simply need to begin their first induction to activate this sequence of scheduled inductions.

When establishing a similar schedule for our full-time employees, we will also include three inductions. The sole difference is that the intervals between scheduled inductions will now be 7 and 30 days.

Now, simply guide your inductees to your portal or send them a direct invitation to Induction #1, and the rest will be automated.

This brings us to the end of this Training Session.  Please continue to Session #19 to learn how to Integrate your data with other apps. Thank you.

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