2. Logo and Settings

Your logo can be displayed on your user Portals, Sign in Kiosks and on Certificates of Completion or ID cards.

To add your logo Click on ‘Gears’ icon found at the top right corner.

Select ‘Settings’.

2 Logo and Settings - Induction Training 9

Select ‘UPLOAD IMAGE’ and find an image you would like to use.


If your logo has a black background, try swapping it to.webp file.

Iin this area you can also update other Company Details such as Company Name, Address and Industry.

Once company information has been updated click ‘Save’.


There is a number of other settings such as: Advanced, Induction, Security and Account Summary.
Let’s look at Advanced Settings first.

Proceed by clicking on ‘Advanced Settings’.

You will find several additional options. Let’s examine them more closely.

When activated, this function will automatically archive all user profiles upon the expiration of their online inductions. By default, this function is set to the OFF position.

If you are a Primary Admin, you can turn your Induction Notifications On and OFF. By default this function is ON.

As a Primary Admin, you have the option to toggle Daily Summaries ON or OFF. The default setting for this feature is ON.

Inductees will automatically receive reminders if they have not commenced their induction process. This feature is enabled by default.

A variety of certificate templates are available for selection; however, if you wish to design your own, simply click on “Custom” followed by “OPEN CERTIFICATE DESIGNER”.

You can add up to three custom fields to your User Profiles, such as an Employer ID number,  Contract Number or any other required field.

User profiles may be configured with a standard set of Employment Types, or you can create custom Employment Types to include in the list.

Click ‘SAVE’ after making any changes.

Now let’s let’s look at ‘Induction Settings‘ where we can change colour of induction text, header and footer.

Now onto ‘Security Settings‘.

You have the option to enable SMS MFA for your administrative users.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a security measure that requires multiple forms of verification to establish a user’s identity for login purposes. It is a method of electronic authentication where an admin is allowed access to Induct For Work only after successfully providing two pieces of evidence to an authentication process.

The final option is ‘Account Summary,’ which displays all the features of your plan.

This brings us to the end of this Training Session.  Please continue to Session #3 to learn how to create and import induction training courses . Thank you. 

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