Induct For Work utilizes industry leading technology and practices to manage the security and integrity of your data.

Our online induction solution utilizes SSL certificates that support 256 bit SSL encryption, the same level of encryption used by online banks. This ensures all communications to and from the Induct For Work website are encrypted in bank-grade security protocol.

Client-side Encryption

Encryption of all communications with 256 Bit SSL Encryption prevents snooping by any third party and minimizes login and password theft.

Server-side encryption

Encrypting data at rest, ensuring data can never be read by anyone with physical access.


Our online induction solution run on AWS cloud and leveraging scalable and redundant infrastructure backed by Amazon’s 99.99% uptime service level agreements.


Security is of the utmost importance to our team. We mitigate security risks through applying best practice and active monitoring. However if you have any security concerns, or notice any possible security issues, we encourage you to report them here