What is an induction?

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To answer this question let’s have a quick look at the meaning of that word – induction.

Site Safety Induction or just an induction is an introduction to the site to inform workers, new employees and subcontractors about the site, site safety rules, safety and emergency procedures making sure they understand them before starting work, rather than relying on them to ‘pick it up’ as they go along.

From this definition we can see that inductions would apply to any businesses in any industry. Whether you’ve just hired a full-time worker, casual or even a volunteer, your business needs to formally introduce all workers to site safety rules and procedures for worker’s safety and safety of others.  

Some businesses view inductions as the opportunity to welcome their new employees onboard while others do not have any formal processes altogether, expecting their new workers to ‘pick things up themselves’ as they go! But whether your induction is informal or, preferably, highly structured and thought out, it can provide a solid foundation for your new and existing employees. 

Your induction process can ensure that all workers are armed with every available tool they need to start their job as safely and as quickly as possible. On top of that a well thought out induction will help reduce the anxiety and stress that might be experienced by some new employees. 

There are other benefits too, that include higher staff retention and increased productivity. By designing and running your inductions on Induct For Work platform your business will immediately start saving time and money. Your employees will understand scopes of their new roles, what they are expected to do and what not to do, which ultimately will lead to increased productivity and less confusion. Your employees will be able to do their inductions using any smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. 

Once the induction is completed – Certificate of Completion is displayed and then emailed to your worker’s email address. Your admin gets constantly notified with all account activities and reports are generated with just a couple of clicks.

To start creating your own online inductions register your Free trial account – click here.

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